Educational Philosophy

The Southbridges Learning Center is committed to unravel the total development of the child by facilitating between the pupil and the environment purposive activities in and off the school rendering a solid foundation for future leaders and responsible citizens of our society.


A nurturing and dynamic learning environment which fosters child's physical, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual growth where each individual has an equal chance to develop his/her potentials to the fullest becoming lifelong learner and active contributor to the global community


To provide high quality, developmentally appropriate, interactive and child-centered curriculum and tools that motivate young learners to excel, achieve confidence, develop high self-esteem and gear them for the future


  • To provide adequate experiences with a variety of developmentally appropriate activities and materials
  • To forge a solid partnership between parents and teachers
  • To promote excellence in the different domains of learning suited to the levels of the child's needs
  • To develop critical and analytical thinking

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